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During blustery North Dakota winters, you are sure to bundle up before facing the bitter cold outside. Inside your home, you welcome the comfort and warmth. So, what about when you have work to do or a hobby you enjoy in your garage? Instead of braving the wintry chill, schedule a garage heater installation. Then, space will be as warm as the rest of your home. You will keep your car cozy and your garage more livable. A heated garage can also protect things like vehicles and appliances from cold-related damage. Comfort Zone Heating & Air offers unbeatable garage furnace heater repair and installation services near Bismarck, ND. Call now to discuss your project with a professional and get a free cost estimate. Learn more about garage heater installation & repair services near you. Please contact us at (701) 527-0846.

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We Offer a 30-day warranty on any repair.
We honor manufacturer warranties.

Our Garage Heater Repair Services

We know at Comfort Heating & Cooling that having a garage heater is a way of life in North Dakota. As the outdoor temperatures drop, you’ll want to heat your garage to protect your pipes from freezing. Like most homes in the Bismarck, ND area, you will likely depend on your garage heater throughout the cold season. Therefore, if you experience issues with your furnace or another heater, you can count on Comfort. We provide unbeatable garage heater repair and installation services. Installing a garage heater is a safer alternative to propane units or other space heaters. Let us help you keep the heat flowing through the cold North Dakota winter. Give our garage heater repair team a call at (701) 527-0846. We will get an experienced technician out to you right away.

Our Garage Furnace Installation Services

Do you enjoy working with your hands and like to build things? When the frigid weather hits, do you put garage projects like this on hold? We understand that the Burleigh, Morton, and Mercer County, ND communities can get brutally cold. Also, it is torturous to try to work in an uninsulated garage at this time of year. For that reason, Comfort Zone Heating & Air in Bismarck, ND is happy to install furnace heater systems for your home or business garage.

You may consider a heated garage as a luxury. If you use the space often, we see it as a convenience that can add to your comfort & quality of life. It will also protect your pipes and stored property. Even more, a garage furnace installation is safer than a space heater that can lead to a fire. So, while a new heater for your garage is an added expense, it will allow you to get more use out of the space. Therefore, it is worth it. Set up an appointment today for a free estimate.

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Contact Comfort Zone Heating & Air We Offer a 30-day warranty on any repair.
We honor manufacturer warranties.

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Want to make the best use of your home garage? Thanks to combined garage heating and cooling systems you can now turn your garage into a comfortable living area or workspace. Working during the winter and summer months in your garage shouldn’t be a dreaded experience. There are many available heating and cooling options for your garage space. Combined units save space and provide the temperature control you need.

In fact, popular ductless mini-split AC & heat pump systems can’t be overstated. They provide all the benefits and convenience of a standard HVAC system in a compact unit. Some models can be controlled by apps on your smartphone, others by a thermostat. To find out more about our quality garage heating & cooling solutions, call Comfort today. Our team is ready to serve clients near Bismarck, ND and the following counties: McLean, Underwood, Sheridan, Emmons, Grant, Stark, Hettinger, Kidder, and Steele, ND.

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